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Soft matzah - the matzah Rashi ate

AdinaA | Mar 18, 201205:44 AM

In case you missed it last year, http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/779147 several leading poskim have endorsed the idea that matzah used to be soft, flat bread.

The descriptions and explanations posted here http://www.realmatza.com/index.html are pretty good, once you get over the tone of the cheap tabloid sensationalist style of the webpage. It cites the major poskim who have recently discussed this. It does not say that Rav Hershel Schachter will be eating soft matzah at his seder this year.

The links page http://www.realmatza.com/links.html includes links to soft matzah bakeries in the Jewish Homeland; Brooklyn.

Seriously, there is a link to a producer in Brooklyn http://softmatza.com/

And in Eretz Israel http://www.temani.co.il/mzot.htm

The culinary implications are powerful, like, your Hillel sandwich wouldn't be a sandwich, it would be a wrap.

Softmatza.com says that it ships overnight mail. I assume that you put the matzah in the freezer when it arrives. You would have to thaw it and warm it before putting it on the seder plate. Hatzalah has been alerted and will send medics to pick you husband up off the floor when you set soft shmurah bread on the seder table.

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