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A Serious Sociological Red Lobster Query


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A Serious Sociological Red Lobster Query

sivyaleah | Jul 12, 2006 06:28 PM

Driving by our local Red Lobster (which we do not eat at) we've frequently noticed that on Sunday afternoons, it is largely frequented by a mostly post-church going crowd. Incredibly dressed-up people in all their finest.

In fact, there was one day that my husband said we should pop our heads into the lobby to find out what was going on - he just couldn't believe this could be happening on such a regular basis. Everyone inside were dressed like they were at a wedding - we felt really out of place even just standing there.

This strikes as kind of unusual. I mean, it's a chain, right? Or does Red Lobster have some kind of cache that we're not aware of? Are they owned by some religious organization?

I'm not trying to be flip here at all, I'm very seriously interested because I don't see this type of crowd in any other chain restaurant. Or could it just be the area I'm living in?


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