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Snubbed on Best Seat In The House


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Snubbed on Best Seat In The House

BlueHerons | Apr 25, 2006 08:04 AM

Since we recently had a discussion on being sat at the worst seat in the house and how people get miffed, I thought I'd share a best seat in the house and how people get miffed.

My husband's restaurant opens at 5PM but they don't get many diners before 6PM. Saturday afternoon he had two ladies duck in out of one of our torrential downpours at 5PM Saturday and ask for a table.

The two ladies did not have a reservation.

Since they were kind of soaked, my husband gave them the best seat in the house which is very near a fireplace. This table is highly requested as is the professional waiter they would have serving them. He knew the table didn't have a reservation until 7PM so he figured the ladies had plenty of time and he would be able to turn the table in time for the 7PM anniversary reservation.

At 5:02PM the women come barreling out of the particular dining room they were seated in screaming at my husband that he had stuck them in the back room and isolated them from other diners. It is a very cozy room that has along with a fireplace, cherry paneled walls, floor to ceiling bookcases, it is very clubby.

He offered to reseat them elsewhere, offered to try and make it up to them by buying them a bottle of wine and an appetizer to no avail.

They stormed out.

Opinions? That is my husband's flip side of being sat in the worst seat.

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