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Snow camping dilemma

tsfirefly | Feb 14, 2008 07:10 PM

I'll be going on a snow camping trip soon, and I am in need of some menu ideas -- I am a former chef so the sky's the limit, but this time I have some real limitations:

First, everything must be carried in on either my or my fiance's back...over a mile of snow at 8000 feet, wearing snow shoes...and no, I'm not kidding.

Once at our destination, we'll have access to a stone fireplace, and we'll be packing in one single burner and one double burner backpacking stove. The fireplace has a bracket so we can hang things like stockpots, but there's no way I'm packing in any of my cast iron dutch ovens so that sort of fire cooking is out of the question!

Since we're going to be digging into a cabin buried in 20 feet of snow, keeping food cold until we're ready to heat it won't be a problem. :) I plan to do most real cooking at home and then just reheat and assemble on site.

We'll have no electricity or running water whatsoever.

I need two dinners, two lunches, and two breakfasts, each to serve two people. One breakfast will be an Eggs Benedict type creation, with prosciutto and Bearnaise. Otherwise, I'm open to anything. Difficulty is not an issue; however, I'm limited to simple reheating in very lightweight and small pots over very low BTU burners. Oh, and we're only packing in a limited amount of bottled water...additional water will be hard to come by since all water involves chopping through several feet of ice to get into the lake. Packing in good wine is a given, so wine suggestions would be appreciated as well.

I've checked all the camping food postings already here, but I'm hoping for some ideas that fit these criteria.


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