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Smoking wood and marinading/rubbing

Gary Rolin | May 28, 200512:46 AM

OK, Dommy!'s talk about BBQ will segue nicely into my own BBQ quesiton. It's two actually.

First, I will probably be smoking a Boston Butt. I usually use hickory or mesqute because it's easiest to get a hold of, but this time was thinking about searching about and using apple wood chips. Then I was watching a BBQ episode of the Good Eats and ol' Alton goes and mentions that unless your smoking past 6 hrs it doesn't matter what wood you use as long as it's a hardwood. I think it usually takes me 5-6 hrs, so would I be wasting my time searching?

Second, there is a general rule that the longer you leave a rub on or let it marinade in, the better the flavor will be. What is the critical mass on this? For as long as it keeps in the frige? Would 5 days be better than 1? At what point is it going to suck up all the flavor its going to suck? I know there is difference between Less dense meats like fish and chicken and more dense meats like pork and beef.

Any experiences or advice in either would be appreciated.

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