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Best smoker for a dilletante?

JTPhilly | Dec 3, 201412:55 PM

Hello - I would like Santa to bring me a smoker - but I have to tell her which one.

I am not going to be hard core about this - I do not have time to be tweaking and messing with valves and vents. I am usually busy and as it is don't have enough free time to take care of my small garden and complete projects. I want to stick some meat/sausage/chickens in and be able to have tasty food later. I enjoy grilling and have a weber kettle and a gas grill - I usually use the kettle because I prefer the charcoal fire for flavor and for the fun of building the fire. I sometimes "smoke" things in the kettle but they are half roasted.

I am looking to keep this pretty cheap too - I don't need something super expensive - I cannot move it inside in winter so it will remain exposed

I am looking at a number of smaller vertical smokers, all less than $200 (preferably closer to $100) the main question is charcoal?Gas?Electric?

Electric seems to be the easiest but how much flavor do I sacrifice? Easy is not worth it if the results are not good.

Thanks in advance! JT.

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