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Smoked turkey temperatures revisited


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Smoked turkey temperatures revisited

Dylan Yolles | Aug 19, 2002 11:05 PM

I posted recently about smoking a turkey. I ended up brining a six pound turkey breast for eight hours in four quarts of water, with two cups of kosher salt and two cups of sugar. I then rubbed the turkey generously with my special spice rub and smoked it at 225F until the termometer measured about 157. (The suggestion on the board was that turkey breast at 160 would be perfectly moist and delicious. I took it out early figuring the temperature would rise, but not much since the smoker temperature was so low; in the smoker, the turkey was gaining one degree every ten minutes or so.)

The results: the turkey tasted great but it was DRY. 160F is overcooked for turkey breast in my opinion! I think Americans have been conditioned out of fear to prefer overcooked poultry.

I have a feeling that taking the turkey breast out at 145 to 150 will yield a better result. I'll try it next time (worst case one would need to put the turkey back in the oven for a bit, I guess- better than being overcooked).

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