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Smith & Wolensky Philly (Long)


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Smith & Wolensky Philly (Long)

ncchowdog | Feb 8, 2006 09:41 AM

I am still in search of a great steak house in Boston and Philly. Last
night Smith and Wollensky (PHL) came to bat.

First the good news.
- Filet was outstanding ($38). Be advised though that I ordered Med-Rare
and the outside was crisp and the center was dark-red. The waiter
suggested I try at this doneness and it was a wonderful experience,
somewhere between cooked and tartare. Go in knowing Med-Rare is a tough
one here. Enjoy the meat though, it was tender and flavorful.
Bartender/waiter were friendly. One was considerate; one would have
allowed me to order the PH described below.

Bad news was everything else.
- Host - what a curmudgeon, a twenty-something male with an attitude. Go
back to the dorm and act like a child, not at a high-end steak house.
Leaning on your elbows and not greeting customers isn’t going to help.
- Steak selection – filet and sirloin on the menu with several non-beef
selections, I asked if they had a porterhouse and the first bartender
told me he would check with the kitchen. He returned with a positive
answer but told me it was a “large steak”. The other bartender came to
take my order and I ordered the PH. He looked at me and said the steak
was 70 oz. ($75+) That is not a “large” steak that’s almost SIX POUNDS.
You Gotta Be Kidding!!! A little head’s up from the first guy would have
been appreciated. I asked about the other end of the loin and a T-Bone
and the T-Bones were 40 oz. So I ordered the filet.
- Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella – The Mozzarella was creamy, flavorful and
a delight. The tomatoes were hard, tasteless and under-ripe. Not a
memorable dish.
- Onion Rings – DISGUSTING!!! The kitchen grabs a handful of badly cut
onions, throws them in some flour, deep fries and throws them on a
plate. The second word in the menu is “rings.” These were pieces, or
should I say one big glob of a piece. Tasted like flour. Waiter removed
from bill.
- Cheesecake – I asked if this was S&S from the Bronx (my favorite and
well known in cheesecake-land). I was told yes and I asked for a slice
with strawberries. It arrived with a few fresh strawberries on the
plate. Strawberries were tasteless (probably same purveyor as the
tomatoes). Now to the cheesecake. I was hoping for the same texture as
the Mozzarella and was overly disappointed. The cheesecake crumbled.
You’re Kidding!!! It had to be two weeks old and not an S&S. One bite
and back it went. Waiter removed from the bill.

Overall – Great steak but for a steak house would like to see PH and
TB’s for one on menu; nice, but not too customer-focused waiters; good
Mozzarella and lousy everything else.

My search continues.

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