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Smart phone (I-phone) browsing problem


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Smart phone (I-phone) browsing problem

jrvedivici | Oct 9, 2012 04:48 PM

I frequently check the site using my I-phone......I do not have nor do I know if there is a chow hound app I just use my browser and connect, view and comment that way.

Over the weekend I noticed the posts or threads were looking odd.....a good example as I write this post on my I-pad there are currently 15 posts today on the NJ board for today. My I-phone shows 3 for today. Yes I have refreshed, logged off/on etc. even threads I have commented on via my phone isn't bumping the thread up as new. I can go back and it shows my post but the daily threads are all messed up.

A second unrelated question is there a way to tell if people follow you on here?


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