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A small rant...


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A small rant...

hungryinmanhattan | Nov 19, 2010 05:15 PM

I need to know if I am unreasonable or justified. We decided to try a new Thai restaurant on East 77 and 1st ave. It is not brand new because I understand about getting settled in. It has been open about 5 months. The appetizers came out at different times, but we were sharing so that was fine. Then my dining partner was served his entree and I was served nothing! I waited...and waited...and after about 5 minutes I said to start eating because it was getting cold. After 15 minutes of watching my partner eat, I quietly told the waiter to cancel my entree. The waiter was polite but very shocked. I will never go back there. To me that is one of my top no-nos regarding service at a restaurant. You always serve everyone at the table together. Any thoughts? Am I unreasonable about never returning because of this practice, or do you all feel the same way about this?

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