Small, precise digital scale?


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Small, precise digital scale?

MikeG | Sep 27, 2007 09:04 AM

I'm in the market for a scale that registers in fractions of a gram, but I'm not looking to spend serious money (> $50) on a jeweler's or drug dealer's type scale - I don't need that kind of precision. I saw 2 that have potential: one made by Salter, the other by Polder. Both have a capacity of 16 ozs and register in tenths of a gram (nothing on the package mentions accuracy, which makes me wonder, but for $20-30 I don't expect miracles.)

Personally, I've never been wildly thrilled with either companies' products - cheaply made in China about says it all in my opinion - but I'm wondering if anyone has personal experience with either of these specific products. Looking at them side-by-side in the store, all I can tell is that the Polder seems a little more substantially constructed, but is also $10 more expensive. Not a big deal if it's better made, but enough to make me want to ask around before I plunk down my $$.

Comments? Opinions? TIA.

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