Sluggish compost bin? I found a solution. Bokashi is like speed composting!

ursy_ten | Nov 8, 201211:23 PM     21

I'm surprised there isn't a thread about bokashi composting here already. Is it not widely known about? Anyway, I can't remember how I came across the concept, but I discovered bokashi composting recently.

Basically it's an anaerobic process that pickles your food waste, which breaks down your compost faster than conventional methods.

What attracted me was that you could compost things that are normally not advisable in compost bins or vermicomposting (worms). This includes cooked foods, meat scraps, bread... pretty much anything except for liquids and large bones, even cooking oil, which I haven't felt brave enough to try just yet.

Some sources say bones and tea bags are no-nos, but other people say that smaller bones or smashed up bones, and tea bags that have been dried, are ok.

However, what is even more exciting is that I poured the contents of my bokashi bucket into my compost bin which has been pretty much useless for the past few years, and covered it with potting mix, and a few weeks later, EVERYTHING has been broken down - even the stuff that had been sitting there for months and months.

So I'm absolutely smitten with my bokashi bins. I hate wasting food, and this way at least the nutrients get recycled into great soil and fertilizer for my garden, and it's also great for the environment in many different ways - doesn't produce greenhouse gases like conventional composting, increases beneficial microbes in the soil, and helps earthworms flourish.

Apparently the pickling process kills seeds as well, so I'm hoping to try converting weeds into beautiful compost soon.

This is a pretty good introduction if you're interested in the process:

I know, I sound like an infomercial - I'm just really really happy that I found out about this method!

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