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slow roasted pork shoulder - i did it!


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slow roasted pork shoulder - i did it!

rumdrinks | Feb 12, 2006 12:47 PM

On Friday, you guys inspired me to roast a pork shoulder, what with the impending snow coming along for the east coast. So i headed to the grocery store, dodged all the people afraid to run out of bread, milk, and eggs, and picked up a 7.5 lb picnic roast. Trimmed off the fat and skin, inserted about 9 cloves ove garlic, rubbed it with Stubb's BBQ rub with a little added oregano and thyme, and wrapped it tightly in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge.

Saturday morning at 9:30 placed it in the oven at 250 and roasted it until 4:30. Oh yeah - seared it first and placed on a rack in a large roasting pan and covered it loosely with foil - -only because I had no idea (hadn't checked the board) if it needed a lid of some sort.

D*mn, that was some fine tender juicy lovely pork! Well, still IS (two of use certainly couldn't eat the whole lot). oh - served it with my Kisslings sauerkraut, rinsed, added yellow onions, a sliced appple, a touch of brown sugar, 1/4 soy sauce, and 8 slices of chopped bacon.

The leftover pork was reheated today at 200 for a while, then pulled and put into two separate pots - both with a bit of chicken broth, one with minced chipotles and a bit of adobo, adn the other with just a touch of oregano and basil. For our afternoon snowy snack, we'll have pork tacos (braved the 15" snow to go to the mexican grocery for tortillas and chihuaha cheese) and pork sandwiches with sauteed onions and mushrooms with sharp provolone. Why oh why didn'twe get broccoli rabe? Sheesh, we ARE in philly, after all.

Just confirms that swine is fine. :)

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