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Slow Food Discussion [Split from California]


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Slow Food Discussion [Split from California]

honkman | Aug 28, 2006 10:05 PM

I just post my original comment which ended up in the general discussion on the "not about food" board. I can understand all what DinigDiva is referring to but I think the focus shouldn't be only on food. The impact of the slow food movement is weakened by just focusing on food.


I completely agree with Josh that slow food has nothing to do with "chowish or not" but is something good restaurants have done for many years without any "slow food organization". In addition I also think that there are many other issues regarding food which have to be stressed to the public more clearly than "just" slow food. The slow food organization is focusing too much on food and doesn't see it enough as part of a much bigger problem. (I know that part of the slow food organization is pointing to issues beyond food but they are only a minority).

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