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SLC - Bakery deserving of wider recognition, Les Madeleines


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SLC - Bakery deserving of wider recognition, Les Madeleines

Tha Groovin' Gourmet | Mar 4, 2006 10:10 PM

Thank goodness we don't live closeby or both of us would weigh 300 lbs.

Located at 660 S State Street, any local 'hounds who have not sampled the wondrous goodies in the 2 glass cases at Les Madeleines should get there post haste.

The owner left the corporate world (AT&T we think) and brushed up on her baking chops, and they are SERIOUS chops indeed.

Everything is to die for. She does my favorite macaroons in the world, done in a pyramid with the base dipped in chocolate, they are perfectly baked so the edges are crispycrunchy while the innards are yummycreamy.

And our overall favorite is called Queen (someweirdnamewecan'trememberrightnow), an apple pastry kinda thing that offers an unbelievable myriad of textures.

SLC visitors take note...stop by and stock up for goodies to go with that inroom coffee or for a quick nosh on the slopes, or if you want something that kicks ass on your free continental breakfast (always wondered what continent that breakfast was from???)

Les Madeleines also offers a nice mix of dishes for a light lunch.

And in an especially Groovin' approvin' touch, she uses espresso ice cubes in the ice coffee so your ohsocool java doesn't get watered down.

Awesome place...worthy of many, many returns.

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