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Slate: Don't Buy Julia Child's MtAoFC: You Will Never Cook From It


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Slate: Don't Buy Julia Child's MtAoFC: You Will Never Cook From It

The Dairy Queen | Sep 1, 2009 04:00 AM

Obviously, the author of this piece, Regina Schrambling, doesn't know about the ambitious and passionate Home Cooking 'hounds! Nevertheless, I thought this was an interesting opinion piece to add to the pile of interesting opinion pieces on the recent surge of interest in Julia Child.

"The inconvenient truth is that although the country's best-loved "French chef" produced an unparalleled recipe collection in Mastering the Art, it has always been daunting. It was never meant for the frivolous or trendy. And it now seems even more overwhelming in a Rachael Ray world: Those thousands and thousands of cookbooks sold are very likely going to wind up where so many of the previous printings have—in pristine condition decorating a kitchen bookshelf or on a nightstand, handy for vicarious cooking and eating."

And she concludes with:

"None of this is meant to take away from Julia Child's phenomenal achievement. Her book, and the television series that made the recipes look so doable, really did change how America cooked at a time when housewives (and even restaurant chefs) desperately needed encouragement to move beyond casseroles and TV dinners. But given how arduously she protected her integrity, never endorsing products, it's a little disconcerting to see her masterwork being shilled like a Shrek tie-in at Burger King, with promos wrapped around every copy sold.

Once the mania subsides, Julia Child will still be huge. It will be the movie that looks small."


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