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dcole | Mar 1, 201901:25 PM     86

In 2007/2008 I built up a solid collection of cookware, but I feel like I have a hole in my skillet/saute pan line up - I have the original stainless All Clad French Skillets (9 inch and 11 inch), a vintage Griswold cast iron skillet and a large (5qt?) Lagostina 3ply clad saute pan. The French Skillets are great for saucing pasta and tasks where a lighter pan is not an issue - I enjoy the quick response to heat changes, but there is not much heat retention. The Griswold is a fine pan, but after seeing Demeyere skillets (proline and industry5 "searing pan") in SLT, it got me thinking that I could have the same benefit of heat retention with better conductivity and less reactiveness when making pan sauces. The Demeyere pans seem to get great reviews. The Lagostina saute pan is also a little thin for such a big pan and I imagine could use an upgrade - when adding a lot of ground meat, I definitely get more steaming than browning than I should be. I would like to stay in the stainless realm, as that is what I already own (want it to look similar), and when I eventually move out of NYC, there is a chance I would put an induction range into a house.

My main questions: do you all have favorite skillets and saute pans that have good heat retention and good conductivity (while induction capable)? Has anyone used the Demeyere Industry 5 searing pan? It was very thick, I liked the low sidewalls for searing - is it as good as the Proline skillets? Are the Demeyere proline skillets all they are made out to be? How do they compare to the All-Clad d7? I imagine the Demeyere has more heat retention given the extra weight, but I wonder if the responsiveness is equal or better than the All Clad d7, given the added steel layers in the d7. I have a lot of the All-Clad original stainless (now called d3) and like the look/dont have the problems with the handles that some have. So if all is relatively equal, I would get the d7 given I have All-Clad already, that said, I'd prefer the best pan, not the one that matches my others. If the Demeyere is truly better, the price difference doesn't bother me. Has anyone used both or can they comment on the two/comment on the Industry 5 "searing pan"?


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