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What's the right size & shape Staub Dutch Oven for me?


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What's the right size & shape Staub Dutch Oven for me?

philly888 | Dec 9, 2009 08:25 PM

What's a good first Staub, and when's the best time to buy (i.e., do they go on sale? If so, when?)

Here's what I want it for: soups, stews, roasts, chickens, spaghetti - for two people.

I've been lusting after a Le Creuset 5.5 QT Round French Oven. However, now looking at Staub, I see that Chef's Resource sells slightly smaller Staub 5QT Round & Oval Dutch Ovens, an Oval 5.5 Coq Au Vin Cocotte Dutch Oven with a rooster knob, and larger Round 6.5 Quart and Oval 7QT Oval Dutch ovens.

I'm worried that 5QTs may be a tad small for a chicken or for the amount of soup I usually make, but 6.5 or 7QTS sounds too big. And Round vs Oval? I've never had an oval piece of cookware, and I have a small gas cooktop, but oval might be better for chicken. (I intend to use this mostly on the cooktop).

Any recommendations on a good first Staub for me? And should I wait for a sale? Staub is harder to find than Le Creuset, and I'm leaning towards the LC because it's on sale at Williams-Sonoma (20% off).


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