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S.I.V.'s Review of Mesa

nosh | Jan 10, 2008 11:39 PM

Why? Wrong on so many levels.

First, if the restaurant wants to remain anonymous, why use the prime space in the Food section of the L.A. Times, the once-a-week power restaurant review, to publicize it? If they want to remain under the radar then let them.

Second, if they only want to provide a phone number on the business card, why provide an address and driving directions in the main newspaper in southern California? Is S.I.V. (how laughable is that moniker) an investor?

Third, it is the Los Angeles Times. Orange County has its own newspaper. Has she run out of Los Angeles County options? Even if you can't squeeze in a new place, S.I.V., how about revisiting some of our flagships or classics, especially if they have new chefs or menus.

S. Irene Virbila has gotten completely out of control. She loves anything Bastide. Her sensibilities and taste buds are so jaded and bored that she no longer connects with the Chowhound reader, if she ever did. Now it takes an artist in a bathroom ("Wild! Did I say this place is artsy? What's next?") to get her excited.

Please L.A. Times and SoCal Chowhounds -- It is time for a fresh viewpoint and new voice.

I wanted to post this on the L.A. board. That is where those who read her look. I know you want to replace this on Food Media, but please give it some thought.

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