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Sitram disk question

DuffyH | May 28, 2013 07:14 PM

I've been reading and looking at lot of pics of both the Profiserie and Catering lines and am flat out confused. I know they both have disk bottoms, and the Catering line is copper core.

What I can't discern is whether the disk is attached after the pan is formed, or if the pan is formed around the disk. I can't see a disk in any of the pics online, leading me to think that perhaps the pan is built around the disk, but the drawing on Sitram's website does make it look like the disk is attached in the usual manner, after the pan is formed.

I've found that it's not a good idea to put disk pans in the dishwasher, as I'm beginning to see some rust around the disk edge on my soup pot. Sitram owners, how are they made made?

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