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Sitram Cybernox corrosion problem

moonbeamer | Feb 11, 201210:12 PM

I recently picked up a couple of used Sitram Cybernox fry pans on ebay, an 8" and a 10.5"; these are the older versions in which only the bottom has a(n encapsulated) aluminum core (the aluminum core run up the sides in the in the current Profiserie line), but they are induction-capable.

The smaller pan was in good condition; but the larger one has some small black specks of some sort of corrosion scattered across the otherwise very smooth cooking surface. I've tried removing them with detergent and scrub pads, then a copper "steel wool" type scouring pad; and finally a stainless steel one; but they won't budge. I don't want to use anything harsher, for fear of destroying the otherwise glass-smooth Cybernox finish.

The specks probably won't matter much for some tasks, such a browning meat, but will be a real problem for making a fritatta or tortilla-type omelet, which has to be flipped; perhaps even pancakes (haven't tried yet).

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem? Or can anyone point me to a blog or discussion group (even in French) which addresses the problem?

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