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Is the name " Site Talk" too confusing to new posters?

Quine | Apr 24, 201208:23 AM

Within the last week alone, I found and reported 3 posts, made by new users, here, instead of on the board they should be posted.

I think the "talk" part is the confusing factor. I recall, when I first started on CH years ago, all those boards seemed intimidating and seeing that "talk" was like a welcome mat.

Now, I am sure the posts will get moved to the proper board, but will the new CHer ever find them? Are the Mods taking more than their usual, move/delete stealth mode method and actually making sure they send email to the newbie, explaining why it was moved and how to post in the future?

Maybe Site Talk needs a new name? Would a FAQ page be helpful? I know we have those sticky topics, "New to the NJ Board? Read this first" Stuff. But people really read those as often as they read Terms of Service (so maybe 0.0000001%).

Right now in Site talk we have : herbie43, asking about knish carts in Brooklyn and how to find a post that talked about them. Great post! Fact, I bet folks in Outer Boroughs would love it.

And this poor person who posted "how do i make friends or find a moderator to asist me here??
pls let me know..m just confused..!!"
Sad that in site talk, not a CH Team member helped the OP, but good that CHers did.

So let's think about how well we are or worst we are not working for new users. Do think about a FAQ page and consider a name change for this board

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