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Is the site slower lately?


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Is the site slower lately?

spigot | Feb 8, 2007 08:22 PM

I've been irritated by Chowhound's sluggishness since the redesign a few weeks ago - the pages seem noticably slower to load. Used to be clicking around was pretty fast and the pages felt responsive - now it's JUST slow enough that I don't click unless I'm *really* sure a thread's gonna be interesting.

This is a shame because part of the appeal of Chowhound for me is the sense of serendipity - I'm not getting that now.

It's possible this is related to me downloading Firefox 2.0 - or something else - and I'm falsely associating it with the redesign (other elements of which I also dislike). But I don't think so - other sites don't seem slower.

Anyone else? Chowhound engineers?

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