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jrvedivici | Mar 6, 201508:21 AM

I think I'm probably in the majority of users here, who access the site via more than one device. 99% of my time here is spent either on my work computer or my I-phone. Problem is when I access via my I-phone, I'm usually less likely to respond, just because typing any thing of substance is such a pia on a mobile device. There are many times, like this morning, when I check the site or a specific thread, there are many update(d) comments that I want to respond to, but don't have the time or energy to do so on my phone.

The problem is, when I get to the office in front of my computer, I don't have the time or patience to go back, expand the entire thread, find those updated comments I wanted to respond to. Thus, often times I don't respond to some comments I really wanted to, because once viewed and collapsed it too much work to go back and find them.

So I propose the "Un-Read" button. Meaning....something you can click once you open a thread, to mark it or leave it, as if it wasn't just read. So you can go back to the thread, and re-read or view it, as is, without it collapsing the new comments in the thread.

If it's too much work to "Un-Read" an entire thread, could there be a way to "mark" comments you want to be able to go back to and identify them. Perhaps just be able to "un-read" certain posts, which will then remain un-collapsed, until you go back and remark them as read.

Make sense to my fellow hounds? Whatcha all think?

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