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Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary for Thanksgiving - BLECH!


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Sir Winston's on the Queen Mary for Thanksgiving - BLECH!

estone888 | Nov 25, 2006 08:45 PM

Don't ask, it's a long story like things involving families and holidays can be, but I ended up having Thanksgiving dinner at Sir Winston's - the fancy restaurant on the Queen Mary. I can only wonder why places like this still exist.

When the ship was afloat, it wasn't even a restaurant, it was part of a boiler room. So it doesn't have the 1930s charm that a lot of the rest of the rooms on the Queen Mary do. It tries to look clubby and inviting, and it is, sort of.

The service was good, if a bit cloying at times. The bottle of Stag's Leap 2003 Cabernet was very good, though marked up the usual hundred percent or so. ($85)

We'd already had some turkey for lunch, so we decided to go with the highly recommended, other Thanksgiving menu special meals.

We both started with a lobster bisque that would be better described as a lobster tainted bowl of cream. It would have been perfect for a really overweight cat whose health you didn't care about.

Then we had Cesar salads drenched in a thick creamy dressing with faint hints of Cesar dressing flavor, no anchovies and, inexplicably, a couple of soggy artichoke hearts (they tasted canned.)

My girlfriend had the salmon special - a medium quality piece of relatively tasteless farm-raised fish shrouded in a chewy blanket of pastry and doused with some sort of flavorless goo. It came with rice - which was okay, about as good as Uncle Ben's gets; and a cooked carrot and one asparagus spear.

I had the "Pride of Sir Winston's" - a ribeye steak slapped silly with foie gras and constricted with the same chewy blanket of pastry that despoiled my girlfriend's salmon. Oh yeah, and there was some undercooked, under-smoked bacon wrapped around it too. And it was all thoroughly drowned in a cornstarch thick brown salty sauce that purported to have something to do with wild mushrooms. Even with the vile glop scraped off the piece of meat, it was a pretty bad piece of meat. It was, at least, cooked medium rare as I had requested, not that that got me through more than a couple of bites. It came with some chemically tasting whipped potatoes and a cooked carrot.

Dessert was included. Neither the pecan-chocolate tart or the pumpkin cheesecake had enough flavor, character or anything else of interest to be worthy of a second bite. An espresso was, well, drinkable, barely.

The entire extravaganza came to $219 or so before tip. The food portion alone was $98 before tax.

Now I'm not saying it wasn't a mistake to go there in the first place. I certainly wasn't expecting great things. But I'd read a few reviews here and there and figured it would be a lot better than it was - like maybe a five or six on the 10 scale, rather than a one or two.

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