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Sir Gawain's cake w/ pluots and peaches this time and a question


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Sir Gawain's cake w/ pluots and peaches this time and a question

Carb Lover | Aug 19, 2005 04:46 AM

So below is my second attempt at SG's increasingly famous summer cake (see link to SG's recipe). First time I made it w/ raspberries; this time w/ pluots (flavor supreme IIRC) and yellow peaches. Variations this time: used buttermilk and superfine sugar again; added rum extract in batter; added cinnamon and fresh grated ginger to fruit.

Problem I encountered: compared to the raspberries, this fruit combo was alot more juicy and rendered a fair amount of liquid that wasn't evaporating much due to low oven temp. of 325F. During last 10 min. I turned the oven back up to 350F to help it along. This helped the top, but consequently dried out the cake a bit. If you look closely at the photo, the edges are a little dry. Not terribly bad, but it was not as tender as the last cake.

It was sorta custardy on top and gradually got more dry towards the bottom and sides. Flavor was good overall, although I think I may prefer whole milk instead of buttermilk w/ this combo of fruits. I'm going to reserve buttermilk and lemon zest for berries.

Question for SG or other hounds who've made this: have you had similar problems w/ this type of fruit? Since I don't want to bother w/ straining and reducing the juice (as per the peach pie thread), what are some good solutions? I want to achieve a moist and tender crumb w/o having juice pool too much at the top. I can't imagine mixing in a thickening agent though. Thanks for any tips; I still adore this cake.

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