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jmort | Sep 24, 201510:36 AM     1

Here is a my list of best restaurants in Sioux Falls, in no particular order. Note that I probably place a higher value on authentic cuisine than ambiance or decor than the average eater.

Latin American: Los Paisanos. Hole-in-the-wall connected to a laundry mat. The best tacos in town, especially the lengua. An order of magnitude more authentic than the local favorite, Jacky's.

American: Parker's. Frequently changing menu, good atmosphere. Easily the best in this category. This is also probably the most expensive restaurant in Sioux Falls. Only open for dinner.

American breakfast/lunch: MB Haskett's. The savory crepe is excellent, as are their quiche's. They also have great sandwiches and deli salads for lunch, but you could also try Bro's (though their service is really hit-or-miss).

Fried chicken: The Keg on 12th street.

Pizza: This category is pretty weak in Sioux Falls, but my favorite dine-in place is a great new place called Fiero Pizza, and favorite carry-out/delivery is Marcos.

Vietnamese: Lam's is great, and Pho Qyunh is also good. The service at Pho Qyunh isn't overly friendly.

Ethiopian: I have yet to try Shalom's or the carry-out only place, but have heard good things. I have tried Lalibella's and it was good.

Cambodian (!): Phnom Penh. This is one of the most interesting restaurants in town, which makes it one of the best. Great food you've likely never had, and the proprietor is really friendly.

Sichuan/Szechuan: None, despite some restaurants including these words in their names. They are all Americanized Chinese restaurants.

Cantonese/American-Chinese: those that I have tried are all roughly equivalent.

Barbeque: I guess the stand in the Sam's parking lot is the best, but the brisket and ribs I have had there were on the dry side. The brick-and-mortar options (Famous Dave's or the place on Western) are only OK. South Dakota's BBQ scene is on the rise, but it has a ways to go.

Burger: Taphouse 41, a new place in the mall, is my current favorite. Lots of good options in this category, though.

Thai: No restaurants in SF.

Korean: No restaurants in SF. There is a Korean church, but no restaurants yet.

Laotian: No restaura..... there is a Laotian Food Truck coming! Look for it in the parking lot of the asian grocer on the corner of Rice & Cliff.

Middle Eastern: There is really only one Middle Eastern restaurant that I am aware of in SF, and it is Sanaa's. At it's best it is pretty solid, and it's worst it can be bland. Extra stars for being one of the healthier restaurant options in Sioux Falls.

Honorable mention for Middle Eastern: the Hunny & Bunny food truck. Great falafel and shwarma and fries. Really hard to track down outside of the weekend or at events. Next to impossible mid-week.

Indian: Shahi Palace. Only place in town, but happens to be good.

Afghani: Khorasan Kabob. Also only place in town, but is also pretty good. Though I'll say my experience with Afghani food is pretty limited.

Japanese: We're a long ways from the ocean ... but my favorite Japanese restaurant is probably Tokyo.

Anywhere I've missed? Any cuisines I've missed? Disagree on any of these? I hope I wasn't overly dour. The SF food scene is trending up. We just need more variety. We have enough white-bread American restaurants, Latin American restaurants, and Americanized Chinese restaurants, and are really lacking in Asian food other than Vietnamese and Japanese.

Los Paisanos | Hispanic Restaurant
Jacky's Restaurant
Parker's Bistro
The Keg Chicken
Fiero Pizza
Lam's Vietnamese Restaurant
Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que
Sanaa's Gourmet
Shahi palace INDIA GRILL
TapHouse 41
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