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Sins in the Kitchen

smkit | Feb 16, 2010 06:26 AM

After the holiday season I often reevaluate how worthwile it is to have family over by the damage done to knives, cookware, and other food curiosities imported into my home. Of course, it is great to have family, but let's face it: there are also drawbacks.

Non-stick pans, knives, and wine glasses suffer the most in my house, but it got me thinking about other 'sins of the kitchen' that I have seen in the past.

So here are my kitchen pet peaves.

(1) Putting tomatoes in the fridge.
(2) Defrosting meat on the counter.
(3) Using knives on the granite counter top.
(4) Leaving me extra cans of cream of mushroom soup. Thanks.
(5) Treating stemware as if it is tuperware.
(6) Putting wood products and expensive knives in dishwasher.
(7) Using metal utensils on non-stick pans.

My family usually say I am being too anal about my kitchen. Is this true? I think I am being reasonable.


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