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Single Wine Glass Rant

Carolyn Tillie | Sep 25, 2001 12:22 PM

Because my boyfriend works nights while I work days, I often dine by myself. This is especially true when I want to try new restaurants but can't wait for those few nights we have off together.

What I am beginning to notice, sadly, is that there are some restaurants with fabulous wine lists by the bottle, but their single-glass offerings lead much to desire.

Specifically, I live in the South Bay of California and there was a restaurant which were acclaimed by The Wine Spectator for their selection (The Bottle Inn in Hermosa Beach) yet when I went their to dine alone and I their multi-paged book of wines by the bottle, left only three or four incredibly mediocre choices by the glass.

With the new technology available that allows for the preservation of bottles once opened, I am openly suggesting to any restaurants reading this that they consider expanding their selection of by-the-glass wines. Even when my boyfriend and I dine together, we often like two different types of wine or, if feeling especially wealthy, prefer to start out with a white, move on to a red, and finish with a dessert wine. Buying three bottles for such a meal is simply too expensive, especially when I doubt we would want to finish all three bottles.

I feel better, getting that off my chest.

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