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Single sourcing trend

cheeseguysgirl | May 16, 2008 10:55 PM

I watched a show on chocolate tonight, and I was struck by the recent (over the last couple of years) trend towards single sourcing of chocolates. Beans from different regions made into pure chocolate bars. Even Hershey is on that bandwagon. It reminds me of my favorite honey guy at our farmer's market, and his dozen or so single source honeys. It was really a revelation to taste them and realize that "a rose is NOT a rose," so to speak. Basswood vs boneset- completely different!

So many foods are going towards the single sourcing, it is making me wonder... Are we searching for purity in our food? Is this merely a logical extension of our search for organics, less preservatives, farmer's markets, wanting to know exactly where our food is coming from (is this milk from Elsie or Bessie?).

What do you think?

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