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Your Single Favorite Thing In Your Kitchen


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Your Single Favorite Thing In Your Kitchen

cayjohan | Apr 8, 2009 01:46 PM

It's been a sunny day, and *reasonably* springlike, so I'm feeling in the mood to *ac-centuate the positive.* So:

While doing prep for dinner today I realized how enthusiastically I love my cutting board. 18.5x31.5, edge grain maple. Scavenged by the Hub from a project, sanded and oiled, and presented to me. It has a "mole" which was a misfired guide hole on said project. Hub filled the hole with a stained dowel because he knows how much I love the oddly placed polka dot. The board is stained and scarred, with palpable dips in the surface after so much chopping. I love the thing. It makes me happy every day. (Yes, I know in the photo there is a significant amount of schmutz on the counter behind...what can I say? I was cooking, and I'm a messy cook!)

Do you have something in your kitchen that does the same for you, in the "I luuuurrrve this" way? Just one thing, mind you. Why do you love it? Think carefully. Pictures would be great.

Happy spring. Enjoy being in your kitchens with some favorite things!


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