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Some of my Singapore restaurants' reviews

Bu Pun Su | Apr 9, 201611:21 PM     17

Under the new Chowhound forums format, sometimes I got difficulties to find the old reviews of certain restaurants. Because of this, I created this new thread for some of my foodie adventures in Singapore. Although, honestly, I would only report fewer than 1/3 or 1/4 of the places I actually have visited

Restaurant Gunther's

This review should’ve come earlier, but due to our Japan’s trip in Autumn 2015 (plus plenty of restaurants review) – only this weekend I managed to squeeze some times for another report of my dinner meal at Gunther’s. It took place sometimes in the mid/end of Nov last year and I had a pre-arranged degustation menu with some white truffle dishes.

There were 2 dishes that I particularly loved:
- Langoustine carpaccio with caviar and light cream sauce (vinaigrette & olive oil). The shellfish was fresh, moist and sweet; enhanced by glistening and briny flavor of Oscietra caviar. It was not inferior to Chef Hubrechsen’s cold angel hair pasta except the portion was rather small. A nice nostalgic of Alain Passard’s signature dish that (I believe) he no longer serves at L’Arpege
- The combo of egg fondant and bone marrow + Alba truffle. The outstanding item was the pure, buttery and umami bone marrow (cooked slowly for a few hours); the addition of white truffle made it an ‘intensely’ delicious dish. For more flavors, either add pumpkin coulis to the marrow or eating it alternately with the half-boiled egg yolk truffle on the side.

Personally, I liked my meal more a couple years ago. There wasn’t any bad dish per se, but most dishes were ‘only’ good/decent (probably some unconscious result from my superior meals during the Japan’s trip). For instance, my Spanish roasted black pig was tender and tasty but a bit too dry/not juicy. The signature dessert of apple tart dragee suffered from its hard texture (difficult to cut through). Moreover, I think I consumed one too many courses prepared in “raw” style that night. Thinking about it now, it would’ve been better had Gunther prepared grilled/pan-seared scallop instead of delivering this shellfish in carpaccio style.

The hospitality, on the contrary, was stellar. Bernard Nicolas, the restaurant manager/wine advisor, returned to lead the restaurant’s dining room once again. He added more interesting personality with his charm, witty and passion vs the common formal, polite but boring service one usually receives in Singapore high end restaurants. I went easy for the alcohol; only drank a glass of 2010 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er cru (Maison Vincent Girardin) – elegant in ‘golden’ color; fruity, dense with some oak – should come together better in 2/3 years’ time. The restaurant was kind enough to give me a tasting portion of Tokaji sweet wine to accompany my dessert

I would give the rating for the food 93/100 this time. With regards to the upcoming Singapore Michelin guide, I’m confident Gunther’s will get at least 1-star though for my taste, it deserved 2-star assuming the Michelin would use the same generous standard applied to the HK/Macau guide

Here are the pictures from this meal: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7124357...

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