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Simplex tea kettle question


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Simplex tea kettle question

ciaolette | Nov 9, 2009 01:34 PM

Which should I get, coil or flat, any opinions????
I am in the market for a new kettle. I don't care for the electric, have to use them at work, and for home I like the cozyness of a old fashioned kettle...
RIP my Halo Le Creuset kettle, I boiled it dry, and then some, this morning, and since they have discontinued my color , chocolate, I have no hope to replace it without my husband noticing! He will be very unhappy, cause it was a gift from him, and I left it on the heat without the whistler down, and then left the kitchen.....
I am thinking about getting a Simplex. With the whistler in the spout, I hope I will be less inclined to forget it, unless I boil in it without the lid, which is less likely, I hope.
I have a gas range, should I get the gas/coil version, or the flat model. I like the basic look of the flat model, is the coil REALLY faster?


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