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Simon Majumdar's Pork Vindaloo - Report


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Simon Majumdar's Pork Vindaloo - Report

Andy P. | Apr 6, 2006 01:38 PM

Hey all,

Just wanted to report back on this recipe. In a word, "outstanding"!!!

With all of the recent rain that we've had here in Portland, I was looking for something to fire up the soul and remembered Mssr. Majumdar's post from a few weeks ago.

This vindaloo really hit the spot, and lit a fire in more ways than one!

A few adjustments were made to the recipe, but I think that they worked out okay:

1. Added 1 tsp. of nigella seeds to the spices.
2. My garlic wasn't in the best shape, so replaced the 8 cloves chopped with 2.5 Tbs of jarred garlic paste.
3. Ginger had also seen better days, so I subbed with 1 Tbs of jarred ginger paste.
4. Upped the number of chiles from 6 to 10. To these, I gave a quick pan-roasting. Then ran them through the spice grinder, followed with the vinegar soak. Increased the amount of vinegar for the soaking from 1 Tbs to 1.5 Tbs.
5. I didn't have any brown sugar on hand, so I used a lump of jaggery that I had laying around. The jaggery was about the size of a 1 oz. ice cube.
6. Before adding the pork, pureed the marinade with a stick blender.

The marinating time for the pork was about 36 hours, and the simmering time was close to 2 hours. The pork just melted in the mouth. The blend of spices, chiles, vinegar and jaggery created a fantastic multi-layered effect of spice, heat, sour and sweet.

It should be noted that the garlic paste and ginger paste are both manufactured with vinegar, so that added a bit more to the recipe.

I really can't praise this dish highly enough.

Simon, thank you very, very much. This recipe is now in permanent rotation in my repertoire.


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