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silver, steel, wood, hands


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silver, steel, wood, hands

yvonne johnson | Apr 6, 2001 01:59 PM

what we eat with. a while ago, some posts here praised food straight from the pan. A current thread on the manhattan bd is about eating sushi with your hands. got me thinking

Wooden spoons: When I test sauces (sweet or savory) from the pan, they taste better when I use a wooden spoon or spurtle (wooden stick) than from silver or stainless steel spoon. It’s as though the food permeates the wood, and the wood enhances the taste and keeps it warm. I like wooden chopsticks, when I’m not eating sushi with my hands. How come wood isn’t used for formal and everyday dining?

Silver/stainless steel cutlery: Anyone know when this came into fashion? Knives obviously serve a function, but forks? They seem alien creatures. I think cutlery of this type can give food a funny taste

Hands: part of pleasure in eating ethiopian , mexican, indian food, for me, is eating with my hands. Sandwiches, aside from being made with the bread, appeal bec you can eat with hands. odd that in some circumstances if you eat with your hands you are chided for "playing" with it

Bone/horn: I had a spoon as an infant that was made from a type of horn. I loved that thing.

Plastic: say no more.

drinks i guess is a whole other topic, but i can't abide beer out of a pewter mug.

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