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The Silver Spoon (cookbook) answers the where's the green in the Green Sauce question


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The Silver Spoon (cookbook) answers the where's the green in the Green Sauce question

Sherri | May 19, 2006 09:22 PM

Yesterday, I posted a question about the Green Sauce in the newly translated Italian cooking bible, The Silver Spoon. Basically my question was why is there only a single sprig of parsley and one dill pickle in the recipe. No other greenery is called for, yet the accompanying photo shows a bowl of bright GREEN sauce. This recipe is unlike anything I've ever tasted before and I thought perhaps there might be a typo. The reply from the publisher follows -- and I am no closer to an answer than I was before.

"I am replying on behalf of Mr. Raymondjack in regards to your email.

The book, "The Silver Spoon", is a collection of traditional Italian recipes from families and chefs alike whom have contributed to its existence.

As per your request, I have checked the recipe for the "Green Sauce". True, the only green in the sauce is the parsley and the dill pickle. However, noting the other ingredients in this recipe, I can see that the anchovies also add a hint of color to the sauce, and that the rest of the ingredients are bland in color comparison. Therefore, the parsley, dill pickle, and anchovies enhance the color of the sauce when combined with the potatoes, garlic clove, olive oil, white wine vinegar, the eggs, and the salt and pepper.
Also, green, like many other colors in general, come in many hues, which make the visual effects of not only art and clothing but foods as well more interesting and appealing. This may have been the intention of the individual who created this recipe to begin with.

I hope this was of help to you. We thank you for your interest in Phaidon Press."

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