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Silly question about stock


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Silly question about stock

BelovedofIsis | May 6, 2011 02:16 PM

Yes I know there are a zillion threads on chicken stock and I have read through 4 or 5 of them and just didn't find my question addressed directly. Is stock supposed to turn thick gelatinous when refrigerated? I made stock for the first time a week ago and when I refrigerated it and then skimmed it the next day it was still liquid. This week however I made a second batch and the next day after refrigeration it was really really thickly gelled and only got 2 cups of stock rather than 6 in the previous one.

1st batch was made with a cooked chicken carcass with meat remnants and skin (might have used too much water with this one).

2nd batch made with two cooked poussin carcasses with two wings of meat and skin (used less water for this one)

So if it gels does that mean its a better stock? It smells great, but the first one smelled good too even though it tasted a bit weak.

My main concern is the gelling in the Fridge and what it means about the quality of the stock.


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