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Silly "emergency" food runs?

anzu | Jan 6, 200811:00 AM

Our area is being battered by storms this weekend. While I canceled most plans and opted to stay in, one of the things this crazy weather did not deter me from was to go for an "emergency" store run to get Parmesan cheese, b/c I had just run out. Then it occurred to me that perhaps this was a bit absurd-- I can go for days without milk or eggs, but as soon as I run out of Parmesan (freshly grated black pepper is almost on that list for me as well), I'm willing to brave storms to get some? Granted, this is Northern California, so "storms" means rain and not a blizzard. I'm not sure if I would brave blizzards to get Parmesan.

Do other people do this sort of thing or have a non-essential "emergency" ingredient that they are willing to brave storms or other things to get?

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