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How to get my significant other's adult children to pick up a check??

elegantedge | Sep 10, 201304:42 PM

This may sound trivial, but my significant other's adult children and spouses always select the most expensive restaurant to go to and then my S.O. always picks up the check because they don't offer to pay, or even contribute. I have suggested that he say "if I pick, I will pay", or "you choose, you pay", or even, "lets split the bill", but he won't do it.
A few weeks ago, he selected a nice pub style place with good food for dinner and his son said, "no we would rather go to "X" for a nice big steak"!!! I was brought up to think of this as VERY rude. It is as if the restaurant is more important than his father's company. Today, the son chose the new fancy Italian restaurant which we went to one time an d have decided not to go back to because it is really expensive. And, I am sure my S.O. will pay. These adult children are in their mid 30's and are all working. I think my S.O. is afraid that if he doesn't pick up the checks, he won't get to see his kids at all.
I have also suggested that he just cook dinner at home, but then the son raids his wine cellar, acts like he owns the place. BTW, the son barely finished high school, only had a few college classes and is in the restaurant business himself. Any ideas of how to handle this? I know it's not my problem, and I have been very careful what I have said, but I really think he is being taken advantage ot!! I appreciate your thoughts!

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