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Have you ever taken the signed copy of your cc slip?

hsk | May 4, 200808:26 PM

And left the blank, unsigned, un-filled out copy?

I never have, I'm sure I'd notice if my CC statement had a different amount than what my receipts say, but I heard from a career server friend that it happens all the time. Not to start another tipping thread, but if that happens apparently the server doesn't get a dime unless it was a reservation and there's a phone number to call to ask for the signed slip to be faxed in. She's convinced some people do it deliberately to avoid paying tip without looking cheap. I find that hard to believe, ppl that cheap don't care how they look.

Has anyone ever done that? And if you have, did you call the establishment when you noticed that the amount on your cc statement was the amount of the bill, not bill+tip?

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