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How Siggy (Aki W 4th) Broke my heart


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How Siggy (Aki W 4th) Broke my heart

Araess | Jun 30, 2004 09:01 PM

Everytime I've been to Aki I've had a beautiful experience. Every meal has every time blown me away. As I write this my heart is heavy. Tonite I had my first bad experience there- My fiance and I met with her brother and girlfriend for their first time at Aki. We were very excited about showing them the place for the first time as my fiance's brother's girlfriend is in school at the French Culinary Institute and was interested in creating some fusion dishes for her upcoming term project. We suggested that they order some of the assorted tapasesque appetizers because they have always been so wonderful. They opted for the chef's selection c to split between both of them, selecting the eel napoleon, hamachi steak, and seafood tapas. My fiance ordered the prix fix, and selected the included appetiser(spicy tuna tartar), a selection of sushi and a roll with salad and a dessert all for under twenty dollars! I ordered the chef's selection sushi for 29 dollars. That may sound like a dumb choice because the rest of the party were all having multiple dishes and I was only ordering one, which means that I was going to do alot of waiting before mine ever came out. It can be awkward. Secondly, it might have not been the best choice because Siggy is known for his fusion dishes and one might think that sushi in itself may not lend itself to the creative freedom that his other dishes allow due to their lack of boundries. I ordered it knowing all of these things. I ordered it because the time before that my fiance and I had come to Aki, we saw a couple receive a sushi dish that would have put the creative concoctions of sushi of gari to shame. There were tons of little accents on the different cuts, rolls were wrapped in a very creative way, all incorporating the fusion accompanyments that make this place really stand out. The plum paste balls were there. I noticed uni, heart of palm, mango, perilla leaf, bananna- wow. That was just from sitting next to them at the bar. Now you see why I was excited about ordering the dish- surely that was what they had ordered! Thirdly, I have had Aki's veggie sushi before and was floored, so creative-- As each dish came out, I became more and more anxious. Everything the other members in my party were receiving looked absolutely wonderful. I won't go into detail about each dish because I'm running out of paper. Let's just say it made me all the more excited for what was about to come. Mrs Nakanishi brought my sushi out along side my fiance's. They had the same amount of peices on them(?). I guess it said that in the description. She had tuna, omelet,?, and a really fatty yellowtail stomach with a mango tuna roll. I had salmon, uni, toro, whitefish, and a avacado eel roll. I didn't feel like our plates were that different. Our plates looked very similar in layout. No decoration whatsoever besides the ginger garnish and wasabi. Very very out of character I thought. Wouldn't he have spruced up my dish at least because I got the chef's selection? Wouldn't it have included something a little more creative than avacado with eel? Where was the fusion? Where was the Aki? My first feeling was one of overwealming dissapointment. I ordered the wrong thing obviously, but how could they serve something like THIS at a place where everything is always so done up and so much care is always taken to make sure that things are beautiful? Time is taken with presentation on every dish I've ever seen come out from behind that bar. I ate my fish slowly. The salmon was a little past :..( . I stopped the waitress and asked if it was indeed the chef's selection and she said yes it was. Why was there nothing inherently Aki, I thought again. I had been so excited. This dish could have come out of any run of the mill sushi place on the island. What did that couple order? I was to myself in thought the rest of the meal. I couldn't even have a taste of my fiance's green tea tiramsu- I'm such a worrier sometimes. And I was really worrying about what I felt I had to do next. Talk to the Chef. This guy had always sent me swooning. The goal of the meal had been a success though: we had taken our guests out to a great dinner, they had absolutely relished every bite. But- I had just wasted a meal at my favorite restaurant- and that was cause for well, something at least. But I couln't approach him no, not after that track record. We got up to leave and the rest of my party went out the door. I lagged behind. Approaching the bar there were butterflies coming up out of my stomach and into my throat. He greeted me with a sweet smile. I started off, I come here often, every meal has been outstanding, we're always so happy with your flavor combinations and presentation, I ordered the chef's selection sushi, I felt as though I should tell you, the dish came off as somewhat conventional to me. He immediately frowned. He said he was sorry. My heart broke. I stammered, um, everything was absolutely wonderful I said, redfaced. I tried to explain more, but the sentences came out broken and ill spoken. Thank you so much I blurted. *sniff* I turned and walked away. Oh God is there enough saki in the world to drown this sorrow? I've never been so torn about a restaurant letdown before. It shows how much I love this place. I know now that even if I do find out what that couple was having that I attempted to order, I'll never be able to order it. My face has been burned into the Chef's brain as the only person to ever complain. TRAGIC!

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