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Sierra Mist: Worst Soft Drink Ever?


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Sierra Mist: Worst Soft Drink Ever?

sailcat seven | Feb 25, 2003 03:11 PM

Today I had the misfortune of buying and trying to drink PepsiCo's latest soft drink disaster, Sierra Mist. Normally, I would have gone for the SunDrop or the Cheerwine, but these products seem to be disappearing off of local convenience store shelves faster than you can say 'New Coke'.

Let me simulate the Sierra Mist experience:

1. Fill a glass with two-thirds club soda and one-third water.

2. Drop in two Alka-Selzer lemon-lime tablets.

3. Drink when dissolved. Yummy!

I couldn't even be forced to pour the undrinkable portion on the ground, because I didn't want to subject any innocent ants to this revolting chemical brew.

So let me ask my fellow Chowhounders, what's your worst soft drink experience ever? I'd like to nominate Crystal Pepsi (it'a a Pepsi, it's a Seven Up, yuk!) and Diet Rite Cola (tasted like carmelized salt water), though my memory might be hazy from a couple of decades ago.

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