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Another side-car thread re: cookbooks - which ones do you now wish you'd kept?


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Another side-car thread re: cookbooks - which ones do you now wish you'd kept?

Georgia Strait | Jul 28, 2013 10:18 AM

there are a couple of recent threads on here -

1. most obscure / odd / etc cookbook - http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/910905

2. absolute worst cookbook http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/910750

so it made me think about the ones i have tossed / recycled / given away to thrift shop etc ---- and now wish i'd kept!

(I know i could re-find them at a used book place or maybe at the library - but some things are just hard to let go of - like being the best entertainer / chef / wonder-spouse ever - see my regret books below and you'll know what i mean ; )

What cook books (or clipped out recipes - or hand-written recipe cards frorm Aunt "Mary" et al) do you now regret tossing out / recycling / giving to the thrift store ... mainly cuz you had to move homes or downsize for some other reason (or you were from now on, going to cook healthy! no more baked goods or red meat. ha!)


i had a couple ... just for the photos alone - Lee Bailey's Country Weekends. It was from the era of the glossy coffee table cook books (eg Martha's first big book - Entertaining? etc)

Michael Chiarello's Napa Style - I rec'd as a gift and a couple yrs later - due to moving - i gave it away. again, i liked the photography and the styling.

... and some of the cookbooks we had as kids - i wish i had kept some of them - mainly for sentimental reasons - but actually they were practical - like Better Homes & Gardens children cookbook- i felt so grown-up (my mom had the "real" version in her kitchen) --- safety, step-by-step with photos, some decent ingredients that could be updated easily w/o a big fuss about "it doesn't say to use whole wheat hot dog bun!" --- you know the age - when everything is EXACT.

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