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"Sicilian" or "square" pizza


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"Sicilian" or "square" pizza

Abrocadabro | Jul 8, 2002 02:36 PM

I've been an afficiando (IMHO) of New York City pizza for almost 30 years, but in all that time, one thing has befuddled me -- what should I be looking for in a "sicilian" or "square" pizza? I've had the square slices at DiFara's, which are very good indeed, but they seem so different from what you get a most pizzerias, leading me to wonder if DiFara's is the exception to the rule of what a silician slice is supposed to be.

Even at pizzerias where I think the neapolitan or round pies are quite good, the sicilian slices never seem to measure up. This could, of course, merely be due to a preference on my part for round pies (and that they entail), but still, I wonder, what is the "correct" version of a sicilian pie (taste, texture, appearance, oiliness of crust etc.)?

I like the thickness that you find in most pizzeria sicilian slices, but so many are like eating pizza on a flavorless kaiser roll.

Descriptions or suggestions for samples are welcomed.

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