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Sicilian Casa Don Puglisi Chocoslab: Chilli - breaking all the chocolate rules


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Sicilian Casa Don Puglisi Chocoslab: Chilli - breaking all the chocolate rules

rworange | Mar 5, 2006 11:59 PM

"produced in Modica by means of an old cold working."

The blog below that has pictures of this unique chocolate describes it perfectly

"This had none of the creaminess we expect from chocolate in this country—it was brittle, it was delicate, it was ethereal.

It was beautiful."

And it is.

From what I can find, the process for making it is similiar to the chocolate from the newly discovered Americas that the Europeans first experienced.

It is like eating chocolate sugar cubes with hints of chili. It is grainy and gritty. The exterior is like a tapestry not because of some clever chocolate makers artistry but just because that is how the finished product looks naturally.

The whole experience is so deeply satisfying ... wrapped in thick plain brown kraft paper tied with a heavy red twine, it looks hand-wrapped. The chocolate itself is wrapped in white parchment paper. The unwrapping is special, like a humble gift.

Here's the only other info I found about this on another blog which also captures the experience perfectly calling it a 'mouth adventure'.

Yes, it is.

In San Francisco and Oakland, sold at Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe.

I've been sampling dark chocolate for the past few months and yes ... there are different qualities in all the upscale chocolate bars. But like so many upscale restaurants there is a sameness there.

This is to chocolate like the gypsy food vendor is to a top restaurant ... unique, real, and full of character in its simplicity.

Three ingredients ... cocoa paste, cane sugar, and chili.


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