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Shun Classic 8" chefs knife.

Ross101 | Dec 1, 201101:19 PM

I've been looking to purchase a chefs knife and Chem made some suggestions of reasonable Japanese knives. And he also mentioned, in another thread, a very expensive Shun designer knife. And, it made me look at the Shuns. I pretty much discounted them as they seem to out of favor by the knife community here.

So after looking at hundreds of knives I believe I really like the Shun Classic 8" Chefs Knife


I love the profile of the knife, it just seems perfect and the handle plus blade width should allow my knuckles to clear the cutting board. The handle also seems very user friendly and easy to clean. The blade is VG-10 which I understand is pretty hard and a good performer. The reviews on Amazon are pretty good.

I'm a little concerned about sharpening but think if I go with this knife I will also get there Steel that includes a angle gauge to keep the user at 16 degrees. I would love to sharpen this myself when it gets dull so I emailed Edge Pro about maintaining the double bevel of the Shuns and Ben (From Edge Pro) said he actually prefers double bevels and I should be able to keep the knife sharper than the factory edge with his system.

Anyway, I feel some will think the Shun is too expensive for what you are getting But at $140.00 UDS it seems expensive but not over the top.

Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks..

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