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azeater | Dec 12, 200910:28 AM

In two words...Don't Bother

Decided that my wife, recovering from foot surgery, could not prepare and enjoy a traditional thanksgiving dinner and made reservations for the new steakhouse.

We were greeted pleasantly and taken to our table. Shortly thereafter our waitress approached with menus and began to recite the list of items that the kitchen was out of for the night. No Mahi, no fresh fish of the day, no stone crab and to top it off no Prime Rib. Somewhat disappointed, as she was hoping to have fish while I gorged on beef we ordered appetizers, salads and dinner.

We started off with calamari which was accompanied by two sauces, a marinara and a mayonnaise based creamy sauce that had a hint of tarter sauce to it. Not bad calamari, tender and quite fresh tasting but sadly the cream sauce had a pudding like coating of film on the top of it. Hardly freshly spooned into the dish.

The salads ordered included a tomato and gorgonzola for me and a tomato/mozzarella for her. I suppose we are spoiled by the tomatoes we buy at the farmer’s markets on the weekends but to be served a salad with slices of beefsteak that were both not firm and rather tasteless for 10.00 apiece is inexcusable. Beefsteak accompanied the mozzarella as well instead of what I would have expected, Roma tomatoes.

Soon thereafter our dinners arrived. I had ordered the large filet, medium-rare and my wife the petite filet, medium. I began doctoring my baked potato in preparation to what we had both anticipated to be a very flavorful meal. The potato, though quite large, was the typical diner example of a clumpy(Non-Flakey) outcome of having sat in a warming drawer for God knows how long prior to being served.

The shock was just beginning though. I cut into my steak and discovered it to be quite overcooked. Instead of medium-rare(Red throughout with a warm center) it was at best medium and light pink(not even dark pink throughout) with the outer areas not pink at all. My wife, noting my disappointment, cut into hers and pronounced it to be decent enough tasting cardboard. It was at best medium-well with the center 25% of the steak slightly pink. The two dinner plates were moved by me to the outer edge of the table and our waitress returned shortly to ask what was wrong. We explained that they had been overcooked and she removed them to the kitchen.

Oh well, at least both of them were overcooked so we figured that at least one of us would not have to eat alone while the other waited for their dinner to be returned. To my surprise less than five minutes passed by and we saw our waitress returning with two plates in hand. What followed truly amazed me as I have eaten at a number of very good steakhouses over the years and had never experienced such a thing. The two plates had on them our two steaks that we had returned cut completely in half. The waitress proceeded to tell us the”…we do not have to eat these but the chef wanted me to show you that they were cooked properly…” . I was at a loss for words, which is something for me. I simply asked her to bring us our check. I had no intention of having a chef who did not know how to cook expensive beef do lord knows what to two additional steaks and ring up another $100.00 on our bill.

She removed the plates and we waited another five minutes for her to return with our check followed by a perfunctory visit from the manager. Having had three martinis I am sure I was a tad rude to him given my level of disappointment and proceeded to tell him that it was a shame that he had a staff that did not know how to cook a steak in a steakhouse that obviously has a rather devoted following in many locations back East. He took my card and proceeded to bill out the 83.00 dollar bill we had run up for our cocktails, one appetizer and two salads. No I did not leave a tip. But I have a tip for you….Don’t Bother.

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