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Shrimp Tails


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Shrimp Tails

Paul Lukas | Feb 21, 2007 06:37 AM

I was out with a friend last night, and we split a grilled shrimp appetizer. Like most people, she ate most of each individual shrimp but left the tip of the tail on her plate. I, meanwhile, at the whole thing -- tail and all.

She saw me eating a tail and said, "You do that too? I like eating the tails, but I don't do it in front of other people because it grosses them out. In fact, I had a boyfriend once who said part of the reason he broke up with me was because I ate the shrimp tails."

I said, "Well it certainly doesn't bother me!" So she then started eating the tails on her plate. We agreed that the tails are delicious -- crunchy and full of flavor (sort of like chicken wing tips, which buffalo wing recipes always say to discard -- pfeh!).

All of which got me thinking: Do other chowhounds out there enjoy shrimp tails? If so, have you found that other (non-houndy) people grossed out by it? Heck, are any of YOU grossed out by it?

-- Paul

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