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Shrimp in Rice Noodle, or Shrimp Buns, at Mix Bakery


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Shrimp in Rice Noodle, or Shrimp Buns, at Mix Bakery

galleygirl | Apr 20, 2005 04:28 PM

I had the best version I've ever tasted of shrimp in rice-flour crepes, or shrimp in rice fajitas, or shrimp noodle, or whatever they're called in Mandarin. Basically, those thin, rice-flour pancakes wrapped around shrimp, or beef or pork....

Except I don't usually like them. I find the texture too slimey and shiny, the taste too homogenized.

That all changed at Mix Bakery, or Mei Sum; their new card says both. They have a sign on the counter that says "Shrimp&Beef Bun, $2.50", next to a stack of what looks like styrofoam hamburger containers. After I checked to make sure they were two different flavors, I bought a shrimp one. I was dissappointed to find out it was the arch-nemisis, shrimp fajita when I opened it...My dissapointment soon faded. Plump, flavorful shrimp, steamed in seasoned egg whites, wrapped in a crepe that was chewy and tender at the same time, and actually had a discernable taste. A little oilier thatn some, in a good way. Served with a nice sweet soy dipping sauce. They're on the regular rotation with my banh mi from now on...

Of course, next time I'll get them warmed up, as opposed to the loss of control I gave in to eating them room temperature in the car on the way home. Damn, I wish I'd gotten two!

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