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Shortcake Secrets & Favorites?


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Shortcake Secrets & Favorites?

Stanley Stephan | Jul 13, 2003 08:26 PM

There was a rather good looking and simple shortcake in the Sunday paper today.

What is your favorite shortcake? Strawberry, peach, berry, other?

Do you use biscuits, sponge cake, angel food cake, merangue, cream scones, other?

Hot or cold? Steaming biscuits topped with warm strawberry sauce? Or berries, ice cream and whipped cream?

Do you have a secret for making it extra wonderful? Something added to the whipped cream or berries?

I guess my favorite is strawberry followed closely by peach. I'm starting to favor biscuits.

Growing up we were more of a sponge cake from Stop and Shop, topped with berries, but at least real cream with confectioners sugar. Sometimes there was angel food cake or pound cake (or is that just pound cake topped with berries and whipped cream).

Searching around on the web I saw recipes for

mango shortcake

strawberry sour cream short cake

strawberry with meyer lemon curd (and whipped cream)

maple syrup short cake (topped with either yogurt or vanilla ice cream)

Strawberry with 'summer cream' (that sounded lovely. A bit of rosewater and some of the strawberries whipped into the cream)

gooseberry, marscapone, ginger on top of cream scones

plum shortcake with creme de cassis

amaretto-peach on cornmeal biscuits (eh)

carmelized peach & raspberry with amaretto(better)

Strawberry White Pepper Shortcake (which involved white balsamic vinegar and Greek yogurt)

strawberry buttermilk shortcake

chocolate strawberry shortcake (lots of variations with choc chips, or chocolate whipped cream or choc sauce)

Shortcake on the Grill (put berries in cast iron skillet top with shortcake batter. Grill 45 minutes)

apricot cream shortcake (you WOULD think this is great, but it was from Kellogs and involved bran buds & whipped cream)

Lemon and Fresh Berry “Shortcake” with Rose’s Lemon Luscious Ice Cream (it involved a poppyseed shortcake)

That last one looked really great, but complicated. Here's the link to the recipe

For the "They gotta be kidding" award, here's a link to a recipe for venison shortcake. Oh deer !!!

Although it seems there is a category of savory shortcakes as I saw
chicken and cheese shortcake
salmon and asparagus shortcake
I think people are corrupting the meaning of shortcake.

The ferret strawberry shortcake had me worried, however it was FOR ferrets to eat. They were not an ingrediant.

All Saints Church has an annual strawberry shortcake supper in June. Shortcake CAN be a religious experience. (If your are interested, search for "fred's shortcake" an odd story about how various sects distorted the original message of Muhammad using shortcake for the parable, so to speak).

Then there were all of those low calorie, fat free versions.



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